Joint Capabilities and Technology Demonstration is built on four pillars of strength including a strong relationship between combatant commanders, the office of the secretary of defense the services, other defense agencies and coalition partners. Other pillars include strong business processes, strong leadership including congressional support, and strong ties to the Joint Staff and functional capability boards.

Established in 2006 as a new Advanced Capability Technology Demonstrations business process, Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations provide a faster, more integrated joint response. These demonstrations meet the emerging asymmetrical threats facing our nation. They focus on joint and transformational technologies initiated in the Science and Technology division. The JCTD process completes projects within three years, with the third year utilized for transition or sustainment. The JCTD process provides an avenue for joint peculiar issues that continue to challenge DoD.

JCTDs have all the advantages of support in the joint arena without traditional barriers. JCTDs are designed to address concerns of combatant commanders and introduce a new generation of demonstration processes: such as faster-start and reduced-risk.

Characteristics of a JCTD

  • Address needs with Mature Technology (TRL 6 or above) / Innovative Concepts
  • Provide technical solution with Operational Concepts and TTPs
  • Evaluate solutions in warfighter Operational Demonstrations by conducting a relevant Military Unit Assessment (MUA) or Operational Unit Assessment (OUA)
  • Usually Joint, often Combined/Coalition/Interagency
  • Rapid results: One to 3 years or less to Final Demonstration and Rapid Prototyping & Capability Delivery
  • Multiple funding sources fostered by strong partnerships with Transition Planning

Pillars of the JCTD Program



  • Strong community relationship between combatant commanders , office of the secretary of defense, the services, myriad agencies and coalition partners
  • Business process getting very strong
  • Strong leadership and congressional support
  • Strong interaction with Joint Staff & Functional Capability Boards



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