The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is the principal technology developer for the Marine Corps.  ONR identifies S&T solutions to address naval needs and explores the S&T landscape for future S&T opportunities. ONR is responsible for the development of projects from Basic Research to Advanced Technology Development with the goal of eventual transition of technology into programs of record.  ONR is led by the Chief of Naval Research and the Commanding General, MCWL/Director, Futures Directorate serves as the Vice Chief of Naval Research.  

The Future Technology Office (FTO) interacts with ONR on multiple fronts.  FTO assists ONR by facilitating the identification of Marine Corps S&T needs by hosting forums that promote S&T community information exchange and coordinating the writing of the Marine Corps S&T Strategic Plan.  FTO also manages and tracks the ONR Future Naval Capabilities (FNC) program which is designed to complete development of mature technologies and transition them into Marine Corps programs of record.  All USMC S&T projects addressing Marine Corps capabilities are tracked by FTO.

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