MCWL Fellowship 

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) generates and examines threat-informed operating concepts and capabilities, providing analytically supported recommendations to inform subsequent force design and development activities. MCWL Experiment Division (EXDIV) plans, executes, and analyzes the results of concept-based live-force experiments in order to inform the Deputy Commandant, Combat Development & Integration requirements process and the efforts of other organizations to advance Marine Corps capabilities. Results include the assessment of emerging concepts and capabilities; development of new and innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures; and recommendation of improvements to current and future organizational structures and training.

This fellowship brings the skills, experience, and perspective of exceptional Marines from across the Marine Corps to plan, execute, and analyze live-force experiments in support of MCWL. In turn, fellows will gain insight on future concepts and technologies; learn skills in conducting live-force experimentation, exercise planning, and adjudication that can be leveraged during future training events; and enhance personal and professional development. Fellows will be part of various experiments held at different locations.


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Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory