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Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory


Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory

Futures Directorate

Quantico, VA

MCWL NCO Fellowship Program

Capt. Lethbridge Discusses NCO Fellowship
The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory Non-Commissioned Officer Fellowship Program seeks to engage Marine Corps NCOs in order to leverage skillsets they possess that may not directly correlate with their military occupational specialty, but are potential force multipliers as the Warfighting Lab seeks to inform and equip the future force to establish and maintain supremacy in the future battlespace. Gen. Robert Neller, 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps is convinced the technical and tactical competency of today's NCOs represent tomorrow's senior enlisted leaders and by providing access to the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory/Futures Directorate experimentation lines of effort the Warfighting Lab is committed to giving those NCOs an opportunity and a voice to influence warfighting concepts.
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