The Ground Combat Element (GCE) Branch identifies and investigates technologies supporting emerging requirements to enhance current and future operations of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The GCE Branch supports concept-based experimentation by providing emerging technologies and early prototype weapons systems. These are inserted into advanced warfighting concept scenarios for optimum evaluation.

Current Ground Combat Element projects include:

  • Small Combat Tactical Vehicle Capsule (SCTVC) - SCTVC is a capsule designed to increase the survivability of the HMMWV while greatly increasing mobility. It has been designed to provide more protection as well as more room within the vehicle. It is a modular system that can be retrofitted onto the current family of HMMWVs.
  • Combat Robotic Systems (CRS) - This initiative investigates current robotic technologies for the Ground Combat Element and develops tactic, techniques and procedures for their employment with maneuver elements. Initial testing will involve the Foster Miller MAARS platform and integrations with a single controller that also directs other robotic and sensing platforms.
  • Counter Shooter Technologies - These technologies provide an ability to locate hostile fires from snipers or the more prevalent insurgent factions that harass forces during operations. Essentially, acoustic and infrared technology determines the shooter's location allowing forces to concentrate fires towards the shooter location.
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