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Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory


Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory

Futures Directorate

Quantico, VA
X Files- Major Product of the Synthesis Center

The Synthesis Center supports the command as a whole. Its specified tasks are:

  • Gather, organize and synthesize knowledge gained from MCWL experimentation to produce topically focused booklets called X-Files that clearly describe Tactics, Techniques, Procedures & Technology (TTPs) enablers that can help Marines to more effectively fight and win battles.
  • Ensure each X-File has the following characteristics relating to form and content:
  • Clear description of successful experimental TTPs
  • Identify TTPs to avoid or to not use at all
  • Identify “what to do” and describe “how to do it”
  • Use graphics to amplify text; not the other way around
  • Not-to-exceed 50 pages
  • Not-to-exceed 11 years of education on the Flesch-Kinkaid (F-K) readability scale
  • When directed, publish detailed After Action Reports (AARs) and other documentation necessary to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time.
  • Where applicable, prepare appropriate documentation of knowledge gained from experiments for input into the EFDS