The JT&E program objective is to find ways for warfighters to do their jobs better with today's equipment, organization, and doctrine. This objective is achieved after successfully evaluating new concepts and addressing needs and issues that occur in joint military environments. The program includes the nomination process; the joint feasibility study process, which determines whether selected nominations are operationally needed and technically feasible; and, when making such a determination, the execution of a JT&E project chartered by the director, operational test and evaluation. The process and procedures for nominating and conducting a quick reaction test are also included.

The JT&E program is composed of three separate, but closely related projects:

  • Joint Feasibility Study. A seven-month study to determine the need and feasibility of a proposed joint test
  • Joint Test. A test, up to three years in duration, whose results have the potential for significant improvements in joint capabilities
  • Quick Reaction Test. A short duration test, normally less than 12 months, designed to expedite solutions to emergent joint operational problems 


The JT&E Program brings two or more of the Services together to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Assess service interoperability in joint operations and explore potential solutions to identified problems
  • Evaluate joint technical and operational concepts, and recommend improvements
  • Increase joint mission capability using quantitative data for analysis
  • Improve modeling and simulation validity with field exercise data.
  • Provide feedback to the acquisition and joint operations communities
  • Improve tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Validate operational testing methodologies that have joint applications

JT&E Quick View

In-depth, methodical evaluation of issues within scope of JT&E program purpose

  • Duration: Three years maximum (Charter-to-Closedown)
  • Sponsors: COCOMs, JFCOM, Services, OSD
  • Testers: Executed by Service-led JT&E test teams
  • Delivers defined and useful products to warfighter
  • Principle products: *Development of tactics, techniques, and procedures *Changes to operational processes *C4ISR architecture improvements
  • Not a hardware acquisition program
Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory