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Deputy Commandant Combat Development & Integration (DC CD&I)

Innovation Symposium

"Transformation to an Exponential Organization (ExO): Improving the Capability Development Process through the FDSP."


Thank you for attending the Innovation Symposium!

Below are the Guest Speaker Briefs and Problem Statement Out briefs

Guest Speakers                                                    Problem Statement Out Briefs                                 

Mr. James Canton                                                Problem 1: WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5                     

Mr. Nick Davis                                                      Problem 2: WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5

Mr. Peter Wicher

LtCol Wright/Col Sieber     

 MCWL/FD is the CD&I lead for the second annual Innovation Symposium. This year we will explore Big “L” Learning (i.e., organizational-level transformation). This event will focus on how we as an organization can improve throughout the Marine Corps combat development enterprise.  
 Central Problem:  
There are some who believe that our senior leadership is allowing ineffective institutional processes to stifle needed innovation across the Marine Corps enterprise. As a result, there is a perception that the Corps lacks the appropriate organizational energy to meet future force requirements, thus creating a disconnect between the supporting establishment and the operating forces.
 Scheme of Maneuver:

Two day plenary session with guest speakers and break out working groups that focus on problems below:

Working Group Problem 1 - What would the Marine Corps look like as an Exponential Organization (ExO)? What is required to enable this?

Working Group Problem 2 - Through the lens of the Force Development Strategic Plan (FDSP) and Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) process, what does the combat development enterprise look like under the construct of the ExO?

Directions to Symposium

Military and DoD personnel must present DoD identification to enter the base. Marine sentries assist visitors arriving at the base; visitors are issued vehicle passes and given directions to their destination. Proper identification, such as a state driver’s license, is required to get onto base.

From I-95: Take exit 150, Quantico/Triangle. Take route 619 east to the entrance of the base. Pass through the gate and follow Fuller Road for approximately 3 miles. Bear right. Fuller Road becomes Barnett Avenue. Turn left at the second traffic light (before the Quantico Fire Station) onto Martin Avenue, and go underneath the railroad bridge. Turn right at the stop sign (traffic circle) onto Broadway Street. (Parking is available on the right) Make a left onto South Street and the destination is at the end on the right.


Symposium Information
Additional Resources

This event is sponsored by:

Military District Five (MD5)                               



MD5, National Security Technology Accelerator

Established in 2015 and based at Fort McNair in Washington, DC, the National Security Technology Accelerator, MD5, seeks to reinvigorate civil-military technology collaboration and value creation through the development of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs solving high tech problems in the interest of national security.

MD5’s objectives are to:

  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation as key elements of Joint officer development
  • Foster civil-military industry collaboration
  • Build venture-led, dual-use products that provide a sustainable competitive advantage for DoD and the national economy
  • Leverage human-centered networks to develop Technology Domain Awareness
  • Prototype and scale innovative business practices and problem-solving techniques