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The second iteration of the CMC’s Innovation Challenge focuses on “How can the Marine Corps enhance training and education to improve the decision-making ability of small unit leaders?”

In his Service Strategy, the Commandant directs Marines to return to a maneuver warfare mindset per Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 1 (MCDP-1) stating, “Our performance as an expeditionary force must be underpinned by the philosophy of maneuver warfare with a reliance on rapid and opportunistic decision-making and action, enabling distributed operations in all our tactical formations.” This means pushing decision-making down to the tactical levels.

Beginning 1 March 2017, the CMC's Innovation Challenge will be open for 30 calendar days (1-31 March 2017) to all U.S. Federal employees defined as U.S. military personnel and Department of Defense Non-bargaining unit, Appropriated Fund Civilians only.

Submissions will be reviewed 3-28 April and TECOM will notify challenge winner(s) in May. Winner(s) will also have an opportunity to follow and participate in the potential implementation of their idea. Any submissions received after 31 March are ineligible.

Those who register to access this challenge site may either submit an idea or review other ideas to be inspired, vote for their favorite, or comment on other ideas. You are allowed to edit your response after you submit it (up until the closing day of the competition).


The Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM) will judge ideas according to the following evaluation criteria in descending order of priority:
A. Relevance:
Idea pertains to Marine training and education (can go beyond training and education, but must include it).
B. Applicability:
Idea addresses a clearly defined problem or need and specifies the population to which this idea would apply.
C. Benefit:
Idea states plausible improvement(s).
D. Creativity

Idea is original or applies existing idea(s) to address a new or different problem set.

E. Feasibility
Idea states how it can realistically be implemented.
F. Collaboration
The submitter can demonstrate having consulted with others on their idea.
Good luck!




Click HERE: National Security Technology Accelerator MD5 Ideation Tool to REGISTER for an MD5 account and SUBMIT your idea. 

Please include the following criteria:  

• Who: Who is the submitter? (Name, Rank)

• What: What is the end product?

• How: How would this solution be used, by whom, and how would it be implemented?

• Why: What advantage would your idea provide to the Marine Corps?

 For any issues or questions.

• Contact us at: warfighting.challenge@usmc.mil

If you have an innovation idea for submission outside the timeframe of the current innovation challenge please email: Futures_Directorate_FTO@usmc.mil


1. Your Idea? You do it.

• The winner has the opportunity to participate in the implementation of their idea.

2. Marine Corps Leadership Engagement

• Senior Marine Corps leadership is ready to listen and act on your idea

3. Public Recognition

• You will be recognized via multiple social and print media outlets