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Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory


Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory

Futures Directorate

Quantico, VA
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Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory

3255 Meyers Avenue (Newlin Hall)

Quantico, VA  22134

Please refer to our Technology Initiative Screening Office (TISO) page for more

information about submitting technologies for possible review.

Email questions about the Lab and outreach efforts to the PAO
E-mail Technical Questions to the WebMaster
Command Deck 703-784-5098 Futures Assessment 703-784-1317
Public Affairs 703-432-0980 Concepts and Plans 703-784-3610
Security 703-784-1113 Wargaming 703-784-3276
G1 703-432-0981 Science and Technology 703-432-1594
G3 703-432.0499 Experiment 703-432-1694
G4 703-432-0999
G6 703-432-2309
BFMO 703-432-1472