Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory


Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory

Futures Directorate

Quantico, VA
The Future of Manned UnManned Teaming (MUMT)

Unmanned Tactical Autonomous Control and Collaboration (UTACC)  leverages advanced robotics and autonomy to minimize operator workload – putting the Marine back into the fight. UTACC is a team of autonomous air and ground robots that provides multi-dimensional ISR to the squad level of operations. The end state of the UTACC is to enhance infantry squad missions accomplishment while simultaneously reducing the cognitive load on the operator. The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory is conducting the second Limited Technical Assessment on the UTACC later this month as part of its continued exploration of Manned Unmanned Teaming  (MUMT).


The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory/Futures Directorate identifies future challenges and opportunities, develops warfighting concepts, and comprehensively explores options in order to inform the combat development process to meet the challenges of the future operating environment.

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